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Ghatshila situated in East Singhbhum district in Jharkhand . Renowned Bengali novelist Bibhutibhusan stays here for long time. The city attarcted tourist for its natural beauty.

Inclusion - Accommodation , meal and tour consultancy

Journey Time - Best Time to visit - Any time in the year (Avoid summer)

Starting Price - INR. 3500* / per person

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    About Ghatshila
    Ghatshila if you visit there, not only found the beauty of the natural environment but also found the unity of cultures.For Bengalis Ghatshila was the place of interest for a long time back. Mainly the weather of the place has a good reason to attract the tourist. You can visit here Temples, waterfalls, and a lake nearby.
    How to reach ?
    Best way to reach Ghatshila is by train.Take seats on Ispat Express from Howrah to reach there. Otherwise by passenger train ,take seats of any local train from Howrah to Kharagpur. Then at Kharagpur station seats on Tata/ Ghatashila passenger train to reach there. And it will take long time (Approx. 3+3 hrs +layout time for connecting local at Kharagpur)
    Where to stay ?
    MY OM TRIP offers different types of hotels/resorts
    What Attraction there ?
    Visit Rankini Temple , Burudih Lake,Dharagiri waterfalls, Phuldungri hills, Suvarnarekha riverside ,Galudih Dam, House of Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay)
    Any More spot to visit nearby ?
    Chakulia/Kokpara airport (now abandoned)
    What is the famous in Ghatshila?
    The place where you will found the both city and tribal life style. The local food you can taste is Thekua, Litti.

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